Golden Opportunities for Buying & Selling Precious Metals

At The Gold Academy we are used to answering a lot of questions about the gold business, but one in particular is “where can you find gold, silver, and coins?” .Well I can tell you that by starting at your own home can be very rewarding. You can almost always find that single earring, broken chain, high school ring, out of fashion item that you’ll never wear again, or your children wouldn’t consider ! I have passed over things that I thought were of no value, to find out later that they were indeed a precious metal, and was worth much more than I had anticipated. Outside of just plain panning for gold (which can be lucretive also), another great idea is to purchase a jewelers loop to keep on hand, you can find the style that hooks onto your key ring,so you will be able to spot certain markings on jewelry and silver items. Make it routine to stop at yard  and  Estate sales, flea markets and the like.. it’s just like a box of choclates.. you never know what you might find! When it comes to coins, there are a lot of variables involved, but guess what; there’s an app for that! Now moving on, I suppose you would like to know what to look for on gold and silver, so take note. When you are looking at jewelry, you want to make sure it is marked 10k, 14k, 18k (k stands for karat). Stay away from items marked GF , or HGE , which means gold filled or heavy gold electroplated. If you are looking at silver items, look for the numbers 925, .999, or sterling. If you run across sterling teasets, candelabras etc. , keep in mind that some things could be weighted with anything from cement to other metals; mostly taller items , to keep them from tipping over, so that WILL effect how much you could get paid for the item if you wanted to sell it.Well that is your crash- course in finding precious metals 101 for those of you that might be interested in turning fun into profit! Just remember that these are just beginer’s basic tips and information and if you have items that are in question, bring them by and we will test them for you and let you know their value, of course there is no obligation for you to sell, ever. So, happy hunting everyone and tune in next time for more behind the scenes at The Gold Academy! If you have questions about gold, silver and coins, just post them on the blog and we will give you an answer that everyone can benefit from. Thanks for visiting our blog and have a blessed and profitable day!  Bob, Debbie and our resident rescue cat                                      “Precious Metals”.

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