Graduates of The Gold Academy Learn to Buy & Sell Precious Metals

On Saturday, August 4th, the precious metals class was underway……..and it was crunch time for our students. In between Q&A time, a roar of laughter filled the room….who knew that Gold School would be so much fun!

Diplomas were awarded at the end of the day and our new graduates will walk through the Golden Gate of Opportunity, equipped with a new sense of confidence and ability to create a prosperous future. This family wants to specialize in Gold-Buying, Fundraisers.

We were happy to hear, they’ll be back to visit… and next time they’ll bring the kids from Florida, to experience the fall season of the beautiful North Georgia Mountain area.

We wish them well as they build their new, Gold Buying Business and we will always be here to support them!

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Debbie, Bob, Vickie and our (rescue) cat, Precious Metals

                                                         Debbie & Precious Metals
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