Kitty "Precious Metals" scares away "Bearanoia" a Black Bear at The Gold Academy

We are proud to announce that there is no lack of security at THE GOLD ACADEMY, due to the fierce protection of our in-house, feline crimestopper, “Precious Metals”. Terroristic termoil was diverted last week, by our new rescue kitty, when he leaped into action and scared away a 200 pound black bear, that ventured up onto our porch!  Upon coming face-to-face with “Precious Metals”, the bear was so surprised by the growling, hissing and spitting that in just a few seconds he ran back to where he came from….. and we saw it all on our security cameras! In between our gold testing classes and daily purchasing of gold, silver, platinum, and coins, we no longer worry about a breach in security, as “Precious Metals” has developed a new profession at The Gold Academy …. and now has an additional stream of revenue, (into his food bowl that is!).  We see salmon in his future! Some days are diamonds, some days are gold, some days are just fun! Drop by if you are in the area…. you never know what might be going on at The Gold Academy!
At THE GOLD ACADEMY, our company specializes in teaching individuals how to test and buy gold (and other precious metals), as well as how to start a profitable Gold-Buying business. We also teach the skills of hosting Gold-Buying Fundraising Events and Gold Parties. Whether you are simply interested in learning how to buy and sell gold for your own investment purposes, want to add an additional revenue stream to your existing business or want to start a successful retail Gold-Buying operation, we are committed to teaching you the skills you need to get started upon graduating our school. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to ensure you have the confidence and knowledge you need to become successful in this industry.

Just come in, hang out and view our Fine Art Gallery or bring in your unwanted gold, silver or platinum stuff and let us test, evaluate and pay you the top rate, Guaranteed!

Private classes offered upon request, with a minimum of two students, held either at THE GOLD ACADEMY or we will travel to your place of business.

                                                               “Fierce” Precious Metals
Debbie, Bob, Vickie and our (rescue) cat, Precious Metals
Contact Bob Levy (email: or text: 770-335-5996). For more information visit our website at


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