Learn to Buy Gold in a Private Session at The Gold Academy

On Friday, August 3rd, a private session at The Gold Academy , was in full swing.  Bob Levy, owner and trainer makes the process a very interesting endeavor, indeed. Never a dull moment!

 The father and son team, who took the class a few weeks ago enjoyed their experience so much that they requested a private session for their wife/mother and reviewed the class along with her.  Bob makes the class so comfortable and interesting, that the three couldn’t wait to get in their seats.  Laughter filled the room as they practiced their hands-on training, learning to buy precious metals and making plans for their new business!

After class, we all enjoyed a great dinner at Brother’s at Willow Ranch , restaurant. We just can’t say enough about the food, service and atmosphere! (We just want to kiss the chef!)

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Debbie, Bob, Vickie and our (rescue) cat, Precious Metals

One comment to Learn to Buy Gold in a Private Session at The Gold Academy

  • Matthew Mortensen  says:

    I love what you guys at the Gold Academy are doing for customers who are looking to buy gold. You benefit the amateur and experienced gold buyer alike. Such a great source of information, and tools when you want to buy gold.

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