Welcome to a Day in the Life of The Gold Academy!

Welcome to our Blog # 1 from The Gold Academy !

Today August 1st, 2012 we met with other business owners from several surrounding counties, invited to the Customer Appreciation Luncheon at Brothers Restaurant in Young Harris, hosted by WJUL 97.5 Radio owner, Jeff Batten and General Manager and radio personality, Tim Rose. 

By the way, if you haven’t yet heard the radio show “Good Morning Lake Chatuge” hosted by “The Voice of Lake Chatuge”, Tim Rose, you are really missing out, if you want to be the first to know about all the wonderful events happening in our four county mountain area – Towns, Union, Habersham  (in GA) and Clay County  (in NC).  Just tune into Tim’s show Mon – Thurs, live 8-9:00am, and you will be hooked…..if you are not already!

Maybe we’ve been living in the dark ages, but we WJUL 97.5 addicts were recently delighted to discover that we can listen to the show, no matter where we are, by streaming in on the app, Tunein Radio, from our computer, or smart phone!

Anyway, at  the luncheon today…. The Gold Academy  had a great opportunity to share information with other entrepreneurs about our precious-metals school, which recently relocated here in the beautiful, North Georgia mountain area.  We explained how The Gold Academy is helping other business owners to create an additional revenue stream by learning to buy gold silver and platinum.  Students not only learn how to test and assess the value of gold and other precious metals, but also how to make a business of hosting fundraisers and Gold Parties to help others raise money for charities, mission trips, booster clubs and non-profit organizations, etc.

Be sure to watch for tomorrow’s blog and we’ll tell you all about our lastest class adventure.

For more information, see our website at www.thegoldacademy.org .

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