Buying Gold…Industry Insights

Big Investors Basically Dictate Gold Investing


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Earn Extra Income – Buy Your Friends Unwanted Gold and Silver and Cash In for Profit Immediately

Bills.. taxes.. unexpected medical expenses?  Upcoming Holidays got you in a financial pinch? Why not invest a small amount of time and money for what could become an additional stream of income for you and your family, for life? The Gold Academy can show you how.

We’re talking about buying and selling precious metals…. it’s not complicated and this opportunity has been right under your nose all along.  You just need to become educated about it.  It’s not rocket science and only takes a few hours with the right teacher and hands-on experience, to learn how.

Listen.. …buying and selling precious metals is one of the few, “sure thing” markets where you can make money, right away...

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Towns County Food Pantry Fundraiser Held at The Gold Academy

In photo, from left to right are: Bob Levy, owner of  The Gold Academy, Robert Budesa Co-coordinator of Towns Food Pantry, Vickie Levy co-owner of The Gold Academy, Don and Janice Minnette, musicians, Tim Rose, Talk Show host/Mgr WJUL Radio, Debbie Vaughn, Co-owner of The Gold Academy.

A fundraiser was held for the Towns County Food Pantry at The Gold Academy and Art of Gold Gallery on Sunday, October 28th from 4:00 – 7:00pm.

The Log Cabin that houses The Gold Academy and Art of Gold Gallery is a beautiful place to have a fundraising event.  The participants mingled on Sunday, as they bidded on the many items donated for the silent auction and viewed the fine art displayed in the Art of Gold Gallery...

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What a concept right? Well, we want to show you how it works!  If you know of a cause that you are passionate about and that people are willing to support, we are here to help.

With at least a dozen or more participants, substantial amounts of cash can be raised in just a few short hours. For instance, if you would like to to help raise funds for a school, sports club, band, church, or any civic group, our service works great…. and even better if coupled alongside another function such as a silent auction, raffle, or any other event that will bring people out to help a cause.

At your fundraising event, The Gold Academy will set up a station to test and purchase any gold, silver, and coins brought in and will pay top dollar in cash on the spot, for the value of the precious metal co...

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Buying Gold & Precious Metals That’s A Win Win For Everyone!

Gold and Silver are “up” in value right now and the market is flooded with “Gold buyers” on every corner and all forms of social media. Some even want you to mail your precious metals to them, I personally would never mail gold for obvious reasons. So, that being said; it is only natural to wonder..” What do I do with broken or unwanted items that I want to sell?” Who can I trust, and how do I get the best price? I hope that I can shed some light on the subject, as there are many variables involved . If you read the information in the last BLOG, I gave you some tips on identifing precious metals, so you should have a reasonable idea as to what you have; although you really do need a professional to make sure( hence the reason I don’t recommend mailing)...

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Gold Buying Fundraiser for The Family Connection a Sucess!

Gold Buying is a unique concept in Fundraising and a very lucrative way to raise money.  Many of us have unused and forgotten gold, silver and platinum in our jewelry boxes or cupboards that could be put to use for a worthy cause.

Sunday, September 9th was a special day for The Gold Academy.  We launched the first of what we plan to be a monthly series of Fundraisers for some of the many charitable orgaizations in our area.  Sunday’s event was for The Family Connection of Towns County. 

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