Golden Opportunities for Buying & Selling Precious Metals

At The Gold Academy we are used to answering a lot of questions about the gold business, but one in particular is “where can you find gold, silver, and coins?” .Well I can tell you that by starting at your own home can be very rewarding. You can almost always find that single earring, broken chain, high school ring, out of fashion item that you’ll never wear again, or your children wouldn’t consider ! I have passed over things that I thought were of no value, to find out later that they were indeed a precious metal, and was worth much more than I had anticipated...
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Kitty "Precious Metals" scares away "Bearanoia" a Black Bear at The Gold Academy

We are proud to announce that there is no lack of security at THE GOLD ACADEMY, due to the fierce protection of our in-house, feline crimestopper, “Precious Metals”. Terroristic termoil was diverted last week, by our new rescue kitty, when he leaped into action and scared away a 200 pound black bear, that ventured up onto our porch!  Upon coming face-to-face with “Precious Metals”, the bear was so surprised by the growling, hissing and spitting that in just a few seconds he ran back to where he came from….. and we saw it all on our security cameras! In between our gold testing classes and daily purchasing of gold, silver, platinum, and coins, we no longer worry about a breach in security, as “Precious Metals” has developed a new profession at The Gold Academy …...
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We Love Our Community at The Gold Academy!

On Thursday August 2nd, 2012, The Gold Academy Owners attended an After Hours event here in our community, hosted by the Blairsville Chamber of Commerce, held at the beautiful Young Harris College.  The Presidential Room was buzzing with local business owners bringing their event calendars forward.

Upcoming fundraising events in the area include “Golf 911” to be held at the beautiful Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris GA, supporting the Towns County Fire Department, on September 14, 2012.  Also, The Ridges Resort and Marina sponsors the 2012 “Haulin’ Mash Kickoff Bash”, August 9th at 5:30pm, featuring real live moonshine, moonshine hauling vehicles, music and food and drink.

On another note, The Gold Academy is excited to welcome our students from South Florida this upcoming week...

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Graduates of The Gold Academy Learn to Buy & Sell Precious Metals

On Saturday, August 4th, the precious metals class was underway……..and it was crunch time for our students. In between Q&A time, a roar of laughter filled the room….who knew that Gold School would be so much fun!

Diplomas were awarded at the end of the day and our new graduates will walk through the Golden Gate of Opportunity, equipped with a new sense of confidence and ability to create a prosperous future. This family wants to specialize in Gold-Buying, Fundraisers.

We were happy to hear, they’ll be back to visit… and next time they’ll bring the kids from Florida, to experience the fall season of the beautiful North Georgia Mountain area.

We wish them well as they build their new, Gold Buying Business and we will always be here to support them!

Thanks for visiting our blog…...

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Learn to Buy Gold in a Private Session at The Gold Academy

On Friday, August 3rd, a private session at The Gold Academy , was in full swing.  Bob Levy, owner and trainer makes the process a very interesting endeavor, indeed. Never a dull moment!

 The father and son team, who took the class a few weeks ago enjoyed their experience so much that they requested a private session for their wife/mother and reviewed the class along with her.  Bob makes the class so comfortable and interesting, that the three couldn’t wait to get in their seats.  Laughter filled the room as they practiced their hands-on training, learning to buy precious metals and making plans for their new business!

After class, we all enjoyed a great dinner at Brother’s at Willow Ranch , restaurant...

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Welcome to a Day in the Life of The Gold Academy!

Welcome to our Blog # 1 from The Gold Academy !

Today August 1st, 2012 we met with other business owners from several surrounding counties, invited to the Customer Appreciation Luncheon at Brothers Restaurant in Young Harris, hosted by WJUL 97.5 Radio owner, Jeff Batten and General Manager and radio personality, Tim Rose. 

By the way, if you haven’t yet heard the radio show “Good Morning Lake Chatuge” hosted by “The Voice of Lake Chatuge”, Tim Rose, you are really missing out, if you want to be the first to know about all the wonderful events happening in our four county mountain area – Towns, Union, Habersham  (in GA) and Clay County  (in NC).  Just tune into Tim’s show Mon – Thurs, live 8-9:00am, and you will be hooked…..if you are not already!

Maybe we’ve been living in th...

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