Buying Gold & Precious Metals That’s A Win Win For Everyone!

Gold and Silver are “up” in value right now and the market is flooded with “Gold buyers” on every corner and all forms of social media. Some even want you to mail your precious metals to them, I personally would never mail gold for obvious reasons. So, that being said; it is only natural to wonder..” What do I do with broken or unwanted items that I want to sell?” Who can I trust, and how do I get the best price? I hope that I can shed some light on the subject, as there are many variables involved . If you read the information in the last BLOG, I gave you some tips on identifing precious metals, so you should have a reasonable idea as to what you have; although you really do need a professional to make sure( hence the reason I don’t recommend mailing).When selling your Gold and Silver jewelry for the weight of the precious metal value, you should have the option to keep your precious or semi precious stones. It is common practice for “pawn shops” to give you the price of just the metal weight, not considering the stone value, so money can be made when they re-sale your item at their retail price, which is MUCH higher than the price they will pay you for it! For instance, The Gold Academy will return your stones to you, and pay the highest daily going rate, on the spot, and we don’t re-sale your jewelry, it goes to the refinery for melt and is re-cycled back into the industry.Keep in mind that the price of Gold and Silver is ever changing, so you should reasearch the  current price the day that you sell, so you will have a good idea of what your return should be. It’s always good to at least have a ball-park figure in your head as you “shop it around”. At Gold Academy we have a mind set to not only make a small profit; but to inform, and to help out as many people as we can in the process. Gold Academy has an excellent way to accomplish our goal and that is not only with our school, but our track record of bringing fundraising a whole new concept. If you have a worthy cause, or are involved with a charity or non-profit group, please visit our web-site now at : The Gold Academy and read our next blog for detailed information about our fundraisers and how easy it is to raise several thousand dollars in just 2-3 hours. No joke. We are currently booking fundraisers through December, so if you have an urgent need, call us at : 706-379-9909 office     Debbie : 404-552-0616   Bob : 770-335-5996.   Thank you so much for your intrest, and have a blessed day! 

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