A Lucrative Fundraising Opportunity

THE GOLD ACADEMY is one of the originators of Gold Fundraisers in the Southeast and to date we have raised more than $275,000 for worthy causes such as houses of worship, charities, non-profit organizations and other deserving organizations.

Our school, THE GOLD ACADEMY, teaches others how to test and buy gold as well as how to provide Fundraising Services.

How a Gold Fundraiser Works

In this tough economic climate, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for worthy organizations, that rely on donations, to get by. The Gold Academy has a solution, by offering Gold Fundraising Services. Imagine….the patrons of your fundraiser bring their unwanted gold to your event… and leave with cash! Then, The Gold Academy will make a sizable donation, to the organization.

You will be impressed with just how easy this fundraiser is and how lucrative it can be when promoted well. It is a real win-win situation as the supporters are happy with the money they get for their gold and the organization makes money too!

Why is a gold fundraiser a lucrative opportunity?

  • Gold prices are at an all-time high and provides one of the most lucrative ways to raise funds for the organization
  • Sellers/donors do not incur any expense & receive cash for the sale of their unwanted gold, silver or platinum, on the spot
  • Most people have unwanted jewelry they would like to sell, which may be broken, out-of-style, or simply unwanted
  • The fundraising organization receives a sizable donation
  • Price paid is highest in the industry and based on the price of gold the day of the fundraiser
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