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 Is A Gold Buying Business Right For You?

In today’s economy it makes sense to have several streams of income.  We can count on gold and silver continuing to be a great investment.

When looking at a gold buying business, there are several different business opportunity options to consider.

*Open Your Own Gold-Buying Business Retail Store
*Generate Additional Income with Your Existing Retail Business, by Adding a Gold-Buying Business Operation
*Let Your Gold Buying Business Add Additional Income
*Become an Independent Gold Academy Fundraising Consultant

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, you can start your own gold buying business and turn old collectable coins, gold and silver into a lucrative side or primary business.

THE GOLD ACADEMY is a perfect place to gain all the knowledge you will need to get your gold buying business going, with hands on training.

We are the only school in the country that offers HANDS ON training and continues to give you ongoing support in your gold buying business endeavors.  We want to make sure you succeed and stay in profit mode.


Gold Buying Business School

We offer a two-day class, usually held on a Saturday and a Sunday from 9am to 5pm.  Tuition is $1000. A deposit of $250.00 is required at sign up. The deposit is refundable or transferable less $50 for handling, if we receive your cancellation with 72 hours prior to your class. The tuition balance is due the first day of the class.

Private classes offered upon request, with a minimum of two students, held either at THE GOLD ACADEMY, or will travel to your place of business.

The tuition includes a MANUAL and all the HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE you need to immediately start your own Gold-Buying Business. In class, you will be taught testing skills and learn to assess the value of gold and other precious metals. Our classes are taught by experts with more than forty years in the retail, consulting, training and precious metals business. We will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

Subjects Covered in our Classes:

  • What Are Precious Metals?
  • Buying and Selling Gold, Silver and other Precious Metals
  • How to Earn Money
  • Testing
  • Supplies
  • Licensing
  • Fundraiser’s, & Gold Parties
  • Business Development


Just bring your own, Gold, Platinum and Silver with you to the THE GOLD ACADEMY and we will buy it!  You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount of cash you will get, to help cover the cost of your training and the startup of your new Gold Buying Business!

Class InformationGold Buying School

Classes are by appointment only.
Email Bob HERE or Call 770.335.5996 to get scheduled.

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Our School is located in a beautiful, North Georgia Mountain resort area, but we travel around the country teaching as well.  Turn your precious metals learning experience into a vacation for you and your family.

For information about what to do, where to stay and where to eat check out our local Chamber of Commerce.