How to Start a Gold Buying Business on a Shoestring Budget

Start a Gold Buying Business On a Shoestring Budget

By Bob Levy, Owner of The Gold Academy

Start Precious Metals Investing for under $50

Hi, I’m Bob Levy, President of The Gold Academy, a school that gives you hands-on training on how to buy and sell gold. (Click HERE for more information about our classes).

I want to welcome you to my sign-on and thank you for subscribing to our site!  I’m about to give you a secret that will change the legacy of your whole family; how to get started in the gold or precious metals business for under $50. I’m going to show you how to do that right now, so let’s get started.

Buy Precious Metals

You’re going to need a couple of tools. This, my friends, is a pocket magnet, okay…. a pocket telescoping magnet. This is a 10 power, jeweler’s loop. Just scroll below, click on it, and you’ll be able to see these items and you’ll be able to buy both of these items for somewhere under $20 delivered to your home.

Let’s just talk about this magnet. Why do we need this magnet? Because this magnet is going to allow us to go to yard sales, thrift stores …. places like that and when you’re looking through their jewelry, you’ll use this magnet to move things around and if anything sticks to this magnet, (this is magnetic), so if anything sticks to it, this is not a precious metal. So things that stick to your magnet are not precious metals and so what we’re doing right now is eliminating something as a prospect for us to buy.

So once we go through it with our magnet, (and find something that doesn’t stick to the magnet), then we want to ask the yard sale person and negotiate the best price that we can possibly negotiate. Once we agree on a price — now, we haven’t said we’re going to buy it, but we agree on a price — now we’re going to start to look at the items and we’re going to look for things like this: 10K, 14K, 18K, those mean that an item is 10 karat which is 42% gold, or 14 karat which is 58% gold, or 18 karat which is 75% gold. We’re looking for those kinds of items, we’re looking for something that says 925, we’re looking for something that says, “Sterling.” Those are indications that it’s silver. So if you see 925 on a piece of jewelry or you see sterling, that means that it’s 92&1/2% silver.

Buying and Selling Gold

When you see 10K, that means 42%, 14K 58%, 18K 75% … and where are you going to look? On a ring you’re going to look inside the ring for those kinds of markings. On a necklace you’re going to usually look around the clasp. On a pendant you’re going to look on the back of the pendant. These are the areas that you look. On silverware you look on the handle, it will tell you whether it’s sterling or whether it’s stainless steel; it’s going to tell you that kind of thing.

The simplest way I can tell you is we’re not going to buy anything that’s not marked. That’s easy. So now we know when it’s marked that it’s probably what it says it is. So we’ve negotiated a price, people know what they’re expecting to sell it to you for. Now you look for that mark. If you find something, let’s just say you find a little necklace and it’s only three grams ….you don’t have to weigh it … it says 10K in it. Well, you’ll be able to take that necklace and sell it to a gold-buying operation.  Probably, if it weighs 3 grams and it’s 10 karat, they’ll give you around $30 for that item. Now (assuming you bought it for $3), you’ve made $27 profit on that small piece of jewelry that you’ve purchased and that’s a great return on investment.

But if you would really, really like a massive return on your investments, you need to develop some cash flow and you need to come to the Gold Academy School and we’ll teach you the ins and outs of an additional revenue stream, for your already existing business, or just a way for you to change the legacy of your family. So you’ll want to click on the Gold Buying School, check us out, and thank you for being a subscriber. As a result of being a subscriber, here’s what I want you to know.  We’re going to continue to give you tips on an ongoing basis on how to buy precious metals, that will help you develop your business in any direction that you want and as fast as you want.

All right, thanks for being a subscriber and because you’re a subscriber I want you to check your emails on a regular basis because we’ll be giving new tips on a regular basis. So make sure you check your emails and we’ll look forward to you visiting the site often. In the meantime, best wishes for your precious metals investing!


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