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Start a Gold Buying Business Here

start-a-gold-buying-businessUnique business opportunities with gold, silver and rare coins create additional income and security. Starting a gold buying business in today’s economy just makes sense.

Here’s why…

Everywhere you look, people are looking to make extra CASH as easily and fast at they can.

Those same people seem to have an accumulation of rare silver coins, precious metals, random pieces of jewelry that they no longer want or need.

Add that to Gold being at an all-time high…for precious metal investors, all these factors, means a recipe for success.

At The Gold Academy, we won’t tell you, but we will show you how to be a profitable success with your own Gold Buying Business.


Gold Buying Business Opportunity Options

*  Open Your Own Gold-Buying Business Retail Store

Bob Levy, Owner of The Gold Academy……Says Bob, “I’ve always been a business owner and was concerned about the effect the economy was having on my current business. In the meantime, I noticed how the value of Gold was going up. I started talking to my racquetball buddy, Arnie, who had been in the jewelry business for over 40 years, about the business of buying gold. Realizing that the current economy is affecting the gold business in a positive way, we decided to open a retail operation in Roswell.

From the day the doors opened, people walked in and we were able to help them turn their gold that had been sitting around, unused, into cash and they were happy because they never expected to get such a good price for it. I like this business, because we’re able to put smiles on people’s faces, when they walk out with a few hundred or a few thousand extra dollars in their pocket. Now, we’ve started a school, THE GOLD ACADEMY, to teach others to do the same, so they can have some prosperity in their life.”

*  Generate Additional Income with Your Existing Retail Business, by Adding a Gold-Buying Business Operation

……like Glenda Boling, of Books With A’Peal, Cornelia GA…… Says Glenda, “Who doesn’t like having fun and making money at the same time? ….. Not to mention making other people happy! That’s exactly what’s happening at “Books With A’Peal” in Cornelia. We started in January and our business has been growing every week. We got started just to earn a little extra money to help pay rent and keep our book store open. Our Gold Business has far exceeded our expectations. Love it, love it, love it ! ” Glenda Boling

*  Let Your Gold Buying Business Add Additional Income

……like Sandy Kay and Bill Park, recent graduates of the Gold Academy…..
Says Sandy and Bill, “We are a retired couple who needs additional income. Buying gold and having gold parties and fundraisers is perfect for us because we travel a lot and we can do this business along the way. It’s really fun… and lucrative. Everybody loves getting cash for their gold & silver and it’s been a joy to share the wealth, particularly with the holidays here.”

“It’s so much fun to watch people when they get cash for what they considered to be junk! This is the best ‘job’ we’ve ever had.”
“Doing business with the Gold Academy is easy from wherever we are and we buy and sell for top dollar. We got started by funding our training at the Gold Academy, including equipment and supplies, with the money The Gold Academy paid us for our own little pile of broken, old and odd pieces of jewelry. The training gave us the confidence we needed to handle the testing, weighing and calculating the value of precious metals…. and to date has proven to be all we need to do this job right…… Bob and Arnie at The Gold Academy are the best at what they do and are always available to support and encourage us, whenever we need them.”
“Sellers reactions to getting CASH for their ‘junk’ jewelry is consistent… everyone is amazed at the amount of CASH they actually get! I thought it was just me but, oh no… every single person, whether they get $100 or $1,000 thinks we must be overpaying them! Our newest and most fun comment came from N. Austin of Fayetteville, GA. After getting her $400 cash, she announced ‘I’ve got to go! I’ve got to go get some more GOLD!!!’ ”

*  Become an Independent Gold Academy Fundraising Consultant

Utilize Your Social Network
THE GOLD ACADEMY is looking for individuals who would like to work with our company, booking Fundraising Events and Gold Parties. If you have experience booking in-home parties as well as an established social network, we want to talk to you about becoming an Independent, Gold Party and Fundraising Consultant. There are no start-up costs for you to get involved and we will provide all the necessary training and support to help you capitalize immediately on this great business. You simply do your own marketing to book the events, oversee the promotion of the events to ensure the attendance and The Gold Academy professional gold buyers will be there to do the rest. You will be paid commissions, based on the number of people attending and the amount of gold, silver or platinum we buy. For more information about this fun and lucrative profession, contact us today!

The Gold Academy Makes Your Gold Buying Business Simple

Our approach to teaching you how to have a profitable gold buying business is a Hands-On-Approach.  We offer a two-day class, usually held on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm, for those interested in learning how to buy and sell gold.

Subjects Covered in Our Classes:

-How to Test Gold and Precious Metals
-How to Start a Gold Buying Business (and be profitable)
-Gold Testing Supplies
-Charity Fundraising Event Planning
-Gold Parties
-Gold Buying Business Development

The Gold Academy

At our Gold Academy we will give you all the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to start your own Gold Buying Business.  In class you will be taught testing skills and learn how to assess the value of gold and other precious metals.

Our classes are taught by experts with more than forty years in the retail, consulting, training and precious metals business.  We will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to success.

Tuition is $1000*
Non-Refundable Deposit of $250**

*Tuition includes Printed Manual & Ongoing Support
**The deposit is refundable or transferable, less $50 for handling if we receive your cancelation within  72 hours of prior to your class.

Fund Your Gold Buying Business and GoldAcademy Tuition

Bring in your own gold, platinum and silver and we will buy it.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the amount you will get to help cover your training cost and the start-up of our new Gold Buying Business.